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You do NOT have to be a business to purchase from us. We sell to folks like you all around the world, every day. However;  if you are a business and would like to resell our product, you will find this page helpful in answering most of your questions. All of the information on this page pertain to business owners only. In other words, if you are an individual simply wanting to order a few can do that!

It's kind of funny...I have been displaying our cookie cutters at various trade shows for the last 16 years. I share the top 10 list with folks who come through the booth. Many of them hesitate and walk right on through. That's OK though. The many folks who have taken my advice and try a few cutters in their store end up ordering again and again. The bottom line is that cookie cutters are hard to find locally. Most of the major women's magazines run cookie cutter articles every year and rarely tell you where to find them. Once your community learns that you sell cookie cutters, they will be back in your store for the next birthday, graduation, wedding, or party, looking for more shapes. We want to help you get started. That's why we have a small minimum.

As you can see, this retailer sells a lot of cookie cutters!
Don't worry, we believe in taking small steps...start out with a few and see what happens.

Since 1993, we have been a leading wholesale supplier of cookie cutters. We supply mail-order catalogs, shops, distributors, stay-home-moms, tea rooms, resorts, and all kinds of businesses. Our 3,200 sq/ft warehouse offers ample room for product and quick distribution to our customers. Because we are family owned and operated, we understand the importance of great service, reliability and timely turn-around.

Quick Facts:

  1. You must be a reseller. This includes adding our product as a component of your product (i.e. tying a cookie cutter onto a basket)
  2. $50.00 Minimum Order
  3. All cookie cutters are packed per dozen of the same shape.
  4. Minimum 3 per pre-packeged or box items (i.e. 3 dinosaur sets)
  5. No Minimum on copper cookie cutters
  6. Minimum 3 on all decorating supplies.
  7. Most orders ship within a matter of days
  8. First time orders are pre-paid with a credit card (no COD's)
  9. Sales Tax Id number required
Display Racks:

We have 2 types of display racks.

Counter Top
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Floor Stand
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     Request to be registered to use our online wholesale ordering system:

  1. Email Wholesale Online with all of your company information. Include the word WHOLESALE in the subject line. You will receive a wholesale confirmation email including your password within 48 hours.

  2. Call Toll Free 1.866.756.6543

Note: we use a spam filter on all company email addresses, you may receive an email back from our server requesting that you enter a verification code. There is no risk to you or your computer by entering the code. It simply recognizes and confirms that you are a valid sender.

Other Information:
  1. You may fax your order to 816.415.0376
  2. You may call your order in at Toll Free 1.866.756.6543
  3. All other wholesale inquiries call Toll Free 1.866.756.6543 and ask for Joel or Tammy.
  4. We reserve the right to decline any wholesale request.
  5. We reserve the right to adjust quantities on your order if they do not meet the minimum.


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