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You might be asking yourself:  "so...what's going to happen if I sign up for your newsletter?
Your Question
Our Answer
"Does this mean you are going to SPAM me every other day?"
Relax...of course not. Our goal is not to bombard you with junk. We plan on periodically emailing you our newsletter and maybe a few free gift offers and private coupon codes...that's it.
"Are you going to share my email address with other companies?"
Nope. We respect your personal information and promise to keep that to ourselves.
"What if I decide I don't want to be on your list anymore?"
No problem. Every email we send you will have a no-questions-asked UNSUBSCRIBE option.
"What are the benefits of signing up?"
Take a look below:)

Benefits Include:
  • Cookie baking tips and tricks
  • An occasional new recipe
  • Feature projects on what you can do with cookie cutters
  • Private coupon codes that only subscribers receive
  • ...and more
Tell us what you would like to see in a future newsletter!
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