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Family owned and operated
  20 years and going strong!

Who are we?

Off The Beaten Path, Inc. is a leading cookie cutter and decorating supplies company.
In 1993, my wife Tammy and I dreamed of starting a family. Tammy's desire to be a stay home Mom fueled our ambition to find some way to make an honest living. With the advice and encouragement of my Mom and Dad, we started selling cookie cutters in our 2 bedroom duplex in the Kansas City, MO area. At the time, I was driving a school bus and Tammy was teaching at a Christian school.


We ran our business out of our home for 5 years and moved to our new facility in June of 2000. The warehouse and offices were specifically designed for our business


This is my lovely wife Tammy. She keeps our books, answers phones, pulls orders, cleans the break room, takes inventory, restocks the bins, handles customer issues, pays the bills, maintains vendor relationships, orders office supplies, changes the light bulbs, cleans the toilets, vacuums the floors, orders new inventory, writes our marketing strategies, sends in magazine ads, handles walk-in traffic, refills our printer paper, washes the windows, trims the bushes, mows the grass, spends the money, fixes the computers, builds our web site, writes our catalog, changes the oil in my truck, cleans the leaves out of the gutters, fixes lunch for all the employees, and refills the ice cube trays. Tammy, we couldn't do it without you!

Tyler is our 13 year old son. His fear of standing on the floor keeps him climbing the shelves all day long.

I'm Joel and this is my 11 year old daughter Kala. When I'm not in the office,
Kala and I enjoy spending time sitting near water fountains while wearing funny hats
and smiling big.

Hey I'm Karrie this is the best job I've ever had; I hope I can work here forever. My favorite movie is Elmo in Grouchland. My favorite book is Popular Mechanics. Also, my favorite food is fried mushrooms. My favorite activity is fixing cars. My favorite song is White and Nerdy by Weird Al.

This is my mother-in-law Bev. What can I say...the picture explains it all. Thanks Bev!

Jill is the newest member of our crew. After the first day of work, she fell in love with packing cookie cutters. So much so,  she recently left her husband and family to move in here at "The Warehouse".  I asked Jill what it was in a warehouse. " the evenings after I finish doing my laundry in the mop bucket,  I sneak someone's half-eaten lunch out of the break room fridge for supper. Soon after, I cuddle up with my favorite book on a cot in the furnace room. Not much light in there. On nights when the moon is full, I can usually get enough light coming in through the gaping hole in the roof...I hate it when it rains."

At the end of the year, we have to do inventory. Yes, we have to count 10's of thousands of cookie cutters!
This is Karrie's 13 year old son Josh. When he was younger...he would spend hours playing with legos, in hopes that one day, he might be able to use those Lego skills stacking cookie cutter boxes. At the tender age of 13, Josh has already reached his life-long dream. He is a great example for all of us.
My 11 year old daughter Kala no longer works at Off The Beaten Path anymore. A recent interview at our local Burger King has landed her a fry-cook job. As you can see, she is extremely happy with her new employment shift. I asked her what her favorite part of the job was. She said "we get to eat the left over french fries that fall on the floor".

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